Friday, November 12, 2010

Music Piracy in India : How to get rid of that IMO

One of the basic reasons that Piracy has gone haywire in India is because there is no competitive medium which promotes buying music easily. Now a days people listen to MP3s stocked in their PCs, Laptops etc. But all downloaded illegally.

[1] Even for a site like Hungama which offers music at very competitive options, if they enable buying music with your SBI atm card(like the way we buy train tickets), then so many people would buy legal music. But they lack the far sightedness an energy because of which there is no advancement in this direction.

[2]Parallely, all websites blogs and forums which allow illegal downloads, their IP addresses need to be blocked and regular monitoring is required. Liability of services like Google Adsense and Rapidshare should be drawn by legal procedures so that they do cannot shrug off their shoulder from any responsibility, while their services are being used on a massive scale to share music illegally.

Google claims itself to a top notch innovator inventor blah blah. can't it work on a search engine algorithm that slashes down the SEO rankings of pirate sites? After all, it is through google only that everyone searches for pirate sites, torrents etc etc.But why would they until it cost them their money and no one is also bothering them?

[3] The music industry should also work to promote music on its own. To create excitement among listeners about upcoming music, so that the physical format to makes good sales. Currently the attitude of music companies is to treat a potential Pop album the same way as a Bhajan album. Except Universal records, all other music companies are like that. Moreover, the shithole bollywood film industry has reduced the value of music as a promotional tool. How will music survive and make a place in people's attention?


  1. this post is as half assed as it gets
    music has always survived from long time on live performances, will pay for them, will bed/borrow/steal to go to live gigs of musicians i like
    studio albums=not worth shit, except to figure what bands i want to listen to live, ALSO how % of CD sales go to musicians?
    what's the point in paying all that money to buy a CD when only about 7% goes to the goes to the fat cats, whose arse the musicians are anyways trying to lick to get their music produced
    properly validated research has shown that those who pirate the most, also spend the most on music
    music will survive, piracy will only kill the middle men, and that's a happy loss

  2. Hi fromzero

    This post specificaly refers to the music industry in India. In India, live performances by artists are not hype. There isn't much infrastructure for that at all. Live performance of an artist will garner more listeners if the albums become popular.
    If artists do not have successful albums then they wouldn't have a body of work to make a live concert of at all. And if piracy continues to eat up the revenues for album sales, then record companies won't go ahead to produce albums for them at all. This is exactly what happening in India to non-bollywood artists. Getting an album out is such a bad struggle.
    Record companies are nothing but a necessary evil.
    Pirates may be the holy souls who spend a most on music. But a business cannot grow on pirates' purchases. Moreover, most pirates promote illegal business for their own monetary profits. Sites like etc earn revenues by adsense and other advertisements which is completely unjustified.

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