Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Who I am NOT

Hello Everyone

By now you have had glimpse of what all this blog is about and what all is me. This blog is intended to be the escape door to my frustrations of being who I am not. I am wailing to have a career in music or lest in any creative business rather than working for an IT firm. Please comment on my lyrics , posts and album reviews.


  1. Thank you Surya. It was a pleasure to read your views on all the songs. Namee was not easy and tokk that many years as I was producing it myself,and did so as and when I had the monies to do so.it is when I recieve comments such as yours that makes it worth beleving in oneself and ones music. Will share this post with others if it is fine with you. Let me know. And dear Surya, those wrinkles are me, so like them too. cheers.

  2. Ya ya. You can definitely share them with as many people as you can. This blog is on the internet and is public and is in no way meant to be secretive and allowed-with-permission type. By the way, Ritika since you are mostly into charity works which deals with helpless and often not-so-good looking people, superficial physical appearance may not be a very precious thing in your opinion. But what I tried to say was that, the Wrinkles and casualistic relaxed-imperfectionism only will add as a communication barrier, between you and your audience. many of your prospective listeners and could-be-fans can easily be weaned away because of your typical non-commercial, gharelu type of outlook. Just being a bit more presentable, and being more concerned about it, might attract more listeners, eventually their getting interested in your music rather than your looks, but you have bring them to do that first. After all, all these promotions , videos blah blah everything has principally one purpose, to COMMUNICATE YOUR MUSIC TO THE PEOPLE. Sadly all of media space is captured by Bollywood today. And the kind of mix it dishes out regularly contains a lot of crappy bullshit commercial stuff. Your album is honest, original, sweet rendering, it might not be extra-ordinary per se, but it is a start for something extra ordinary to take place.
    In future I dream becoming an music entrepreneur like Biddu and Jawahar Wattal, apart from myself being an artist. If it happens then I will re-launch your album. Your album does not deserve to be ignored. Your album is a ray of hope in the Indian music industry which is over polluted with bollywood's tinned crap. Believe me, I am confident that the masses will receive music like your's with respect and humility once they come out of the numbness and dumbness which bollywood music has made them succumb to. Why don't you get along with "Only Much Louder" people (http://oml.in/about/) or even "Phat-phish" ? I think they are the right platform where your talent can flourish.

    And last but not the least, I have not received your prized reply. I am sending it once more please kindly reply.

    Thanks and Regards
    Surya Samaddar